{Recipes} Baked Apples

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious sweet tooth; like ginormous sweet tooth.  When I am trying to eat "good", I almost crave sweets more since I am not supposed to be indulging in them.  One of my go-to healthy desserts are baked apples.  The recipe calls for the obvious, apples and a little bit of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar (ok, I'll admit it, I add a lot of brown sugar).  Not only are these delicious, they are SO easy to make...10 minutes TOTAL. 


Brown Sugar


*Wash apples
* With a paring knife, trim about an inch off the top of the apple around the stem.

* With a melon baller or spoon, dig out the core.

* Set apple(s) in a pie plate. 1-4 apples work best per pie plate.

* Fill hole half way with brown sugar, sprinkle with cinnamon, then fill the hole with brown sugar, pushing down wit your finger.  Sprinkle more cinnamon.  Slice a little butter and place on top.  
* With a sharp knife, punch a hole on each side of the apple to prevent them from exploding in the microwave.

* Cover top off apples with waxed paper.

* Cook in microwave for 7 minutes.  Test to see if apples are tender

Sugar will have melted into the pie plate and created a sauce.

You can serve the apples whole in a bowl or slice them for a smaller presentation.  Be sure to drizzle the sugar sauce on top!  These are also a great breakfast treat!

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  1. Roasting intensifies the sweetness--and the aroma in your kitchen is heavenly.... You can also roast a pineapple with a vanilla bean and cinnamon and drizzle with a little vanilla syrup.Maybe I'll blog about it soon, http://www.GreenEyedSusan.blogspot.com Thanks for sharing the recipe forskinny version for cinnabon :)