Master Up or Down...That Is The Question


Today we had another great meeting with our architect and designer!  I am loving this process.

Originally, I hands down wanted the master downstairs.  That was one of the main reasons for us to build...to have a separate area away from the kids so we don't have to tip toe everywhere or worry if the tv is too loud and so on and so on.  But today I quickly learned that by having the master down, I am sacrificing many aspects of the downstairs due to building coverage, heigh restrictions and backyard space.  At first, I held my ground.  But then after talking everything through, I realized I will be much happier with the larger rooms downstairs.  We'll just make sure the master suite is separate from the kids wing.  And I love that I just said "wing" as if this is a mansion.  It's not.

What are your thoughts on having the master down or up??

{image via Bellacasa Design}


  1. I am building a house right now as well. We are in the very early stages. I grew up with all bedrooms up. I have little ones now and I always thought of them needing me in the night (sick or scared) It would be nice to be only a hall away. I also thought I still will want to be close when they are teens ( to keep a close eye on them and their friends) I also feel that you could have company over and keep those areas more private for getting dressed or one day not making all those beds! Good luck!