The Barre Method

Have you ever heard of the Barre method??!  I was intrigued when I first read about it here and that was over 6 months ago.  It sounded like such an amazing class and was exactly what I was looking for.  The Barre method aims to create long, lean muscles without adding bulk.  Bathing suit season is right around the corner (although it's hard to think about that since it is freezing all over the country right now!), so I might as well get started early!


Tomorrow I am taking my first class at DEFINE here in Houston.  Wish me luck as I embark on a new adventure which ultimately means super sore muscles for the weekend and lots of complaining from me!


  1. Ok, this post is HILARIOUS because I am trying out a class next week! :-) Tell me how it is! :-)

  2. I have several friends who have done barre method and LOVE it! I hear its a great workout!